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I think we should all take a moment to appreciate that the list price of Obama's upcoming book is $45.

Random note: after ten days of use, I'm incredibly impressed by the Onyx Boox Nova 3. Kindles are great, but the flexibility of full Android, wonderful front-light, and a just-as-good reading experience catapults the Nova ahead of the Kindle for me, for now.

(The experience of buying books obviously isn't quite as smooth, but given that I've bought most of my books from non-Amazon sources lately, that doesn't matter much to me.)

I'm back in my biannual "I should play around with static site generators" phase. I wonder when I will get out of this one.

Though, on second thought, allowing DNS to properly propagate before actually doing anything would probably have been a good idea... Oh well.

Here we go.

After struggling to decide which instance to use for a while, I decided to go for what I see as being most in the spirit of the Fediverse, and host my own personal instance. Somehow it feels like the most right, and future-proof, way to follow people from across many different instances.

It also conforms with the "everyone hosting their own data whenever possible" idea I am rather fond of.


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