@CSB For the price of that mic it would be worth giving it a try.

My next venture into mic-land will be a modmic uni (plugged in through a Scarlet Solo), but my usecase is almost exclusively meetings during which I like standing up/walking around. I'm interested to see how it will work out.

@CSB The still pick up noise, though they do pick up less of it. Give the volume of my voice/distance from the mic, I had to amp it to a point where you could still clearly hear my keyboard. Though, my keyboard is rather loud. I could probably have solved it by being nose-to-mic, but that wasn't practical for meetings.

@CSB (Just be prepared to have your mouth closer to the mic than a condenser)

@CSB Oh, I just saw that the dynamic mic is unidirectional as well! Go for it, that would be interesting!

@CSB Then again, I suppose it's always worth having a dynamic mic lying around in case you want to start cultivating a career in live singing.

@CSB It's worth a try, but I used a Shure SM58 for meetings for a while, and it also picked up a good deal of typing. I'm not sure an omnidirectional dynamic mic would fare any better than a unidirectional condenser. You also have to be very close to it when speaking in a normal voice, if you want to pick up the voice and not the noise.

You may have more luck with a mic with a more focused polar pattern, and placing the mic above you.

So... I hate to admit it, but... I kind of miss the hourly: "The future of MIIIICCCCCEEEE"

What even is the future of MIIICCCEE any more?

How will anyone know?

@CSB Of the two, Luck.

If you keep being dealt terrible hands, there is a hard limit on what you can do with them.

@CSB Along with four fifths of the rest of what I own! Whether or not to waste money on toys is more of a philosophical question than a tech-question! :D

Seriously though, I'm with you regarding how cool what Apple is doing now is. But it would take a lot more than that to get me into the Apple garden.

@CSB Hey, as someone who owns PCs, and will continue to own PCs, I'm thrilled that Apple are doing this, and respect them for doing so. Laughing at them is certainly silly.

If/when it works others will follow, and it will benefit us all!

Random thought: good intentions are underrated, and get an undeservedly bad rap.

"The intention was good", if genuine, is worth a lot - regardless of outcome.

@Otherwayup PodcastAddict flashes the name up for me when I play/pause from Bluetooth headphones. Could it be that? It may be chapters, but since I have yet to listen to a lot of episodes with chapters, I can't say for sure.

One of the saddest thing about this whole Brexit mess is that the UK seems to think it's entitled to a certain special treatment by the EU. They *still* don't seem to realize that they decided to leave the union which entitled them to preferential treatment.


I've seen it work really well - and it's glorious when it does. But I think everyone needs to be aware of, and agree on, how to use it. I.e. it needs to be called out "If you have a question, please raise your hand". Once one or two questions are asked through interruption, that automatically becomes the new norm.

@CSB @GWFF @Mummabear

"The first ‘nut’, according to the source, alluded to her being ‘crazy’ – there is no evidence for that – while the second ‘nuts’ reference comes from a belief among the ‘Brexit Boys’ clique that she bears some facial similarity to a squirrel."

(Being reported here and there, but I believe the original source is The Telegraph or The Spectator)

@adam @dave @csb

Showing up in Podcast Addict! (the second time the episode was posted, mind you.)

This is very, very cool.

@adam @podcastaddict

Works now, after a refresh of the feed and a re-download!

@adam The default internal player in PodcastAddict (ExoPlayer) is unable to play the latest episode (NA-1294-2020-11-12-Final.mp3). It works when I switch the player-Engine to the Android built-in player. This is the first and only episode I've noticed this with so far. Figured I'd let you (and/or @podcastaddict) know, in case there is something new and fancy going on in the metadata.

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