@thor Ah. don't know. I'm all-Android. I suppose you'd have to go through another sync to somewhere then then synced to syncthing, but that seems... clunky.

@thor The sync of images from the camera on devices is probably my favourite scenario, so that I can delete it in my desktop to clear up space on my phone, but then keep backups for a while thanks to versioning on my NAS in case I screw everything up.

@thor Been using it for everything (camera sync from devices, media sync to devices, backup of documents, general media backup etc) for a couple of years, and have never had a complaint. Have everything syncing through my NAS, and then have cloud backup of whatever I want through the cloud from there!

@matt I apparently did 5 minutes less research than you did, and got the Anbernic RG351M about a year ago. I love it! I've mostly used it to play the Pokemon games I never owned a console for, as well as some of the older Mario platform games for nostalga.

(As usual, it was me forgetting to clear old media. And, as usual, it was annoying, but not painful enough that I can be bothered to spend any time automating it. See you in 6-8 months, tootctl.)

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Potential unreported post-vaccine side effect: it took me about 20 hours of not being able to get into Mastodon, waiting for it to be fixed, before I remembered that I am self-hosting.

@thor Yeah. Though, I think Twitter kind of ruined that general dynamic when they turned the star into a heart. So these days I use it rather cautiously.

@thor The like is for the leaving work, not the symptoms. Congrats on the vaccine in any case. I'm probably still a way away, but very, very, much looking forward to it... Side-effects be damned.

@thor And also confirmed with my sister at Tåsen. It seems the symptoms are shared by several patients in the north'ish Oslo area.

@thor For what it's worth I can confirm that I, as a control group, in what I assume is roughly the same place, am, in fact, also sweating like a pig.

They're probably a good idea. But the citizens of Oslo have and are demonstrating that they don't have the maturity, spacial awareness, or regard for others that is required to have this particular nice thing. Good game everyone, let's try again in a few years.

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I'm fine with loud music. I'm fine with general shouting in the streets late at night. But rentable electric scooters (or, rather, many of the people using them) might just be the thing that makes me, finally, transition into shameless, grumpy get-off-my-lawn'ness in my life.

@thor Perhaps it's not as common as I think it is, but I'm certainly not alone: throughout my childhood (and, occasionally, still to this day) I went to an advent party that was always set on the day of one of the womens handball championship finals (where Norway "always" won). So "the time leading up toward Christmas" always became the time of "The news is saturated with handball".

@thor Up until I was 10 or so I literally thought it was a day where several high-profile boxing matches were arranged as a matter of tradition.

Much like the translation of the Norwegian "Advent" is "handball-watching season"

PSA: Project Hail Mary (by Andy Weir, who wrote The Martian) is another spectacular book. I'd recommend reading at least the first few chapters without reading the synopsis (which I think gives away a little too much) or anything else about the book. Do it right now.

I don't mind the sense of familiarity within Norwegian politics. In fact, I like the fact that politicians are on first name terms with each other. I also don't mind that reporters are on first name terms with the people they report on. But not when doing the actual reporting.

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Pet peeve: Media referring to politicians by only their first name. It creates an impression of familiarity which detracts from what they're actually saying or doing. Whether it helps or hurts the politician in question, it's unfair at best, and manipulative at worst.

@KaiA Good point. It would have to be a noise most young people might hate. My vote would be for 70s-era Genesis.

Or perhaps it could be a loop of Raymond Johansen reciting the rules for using electric-scooters.

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