There's RAIN in Oslo! Clear the front page!!!

(The way in which the "national" media treat Oslo is a bit of an ongoing joke. The metro in Oslo has a disruption? Top of the national news! The water-pipe outside of my apartment burst? Top of the national news!)

@CSB It was in this general area (along the blue line), in case you're curious. Really a lovely drive - made my 3.5 hour drive to the airport rather pleasant.

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This headline has been on NRK this morning, and I do a double take every time I see it: "Accused of having used their position to achieve/gain sex"

I'm not sure how I would have rewritten it, but the headline suggests, or at least implicitly supports, the notion that sex is a prize; something to seek, an achievement. Obviously, I can see that it can be seen that way, but something about this headline just feels a bit... icky.

Tine iskaffe har blitt Tine is-tre / Tine ice-coffee has been turned into Tine ice-tree.

(Sorry, it's early.)
(Well, it's not, but I feel like it's early)

Possibly the highlight of the visit to the new national museum. Not this piece in particular of the Norwegian Royal family (though, it is fun), but the older gentleman beside me who went through great pains and a salad of words to explain to the people he was there with how the picture is unworthy, has no business being there, while at the same time being extremely clear that he likes and appreciates controversial art and of course he isn't a prude.

I'm previewing the new national museum in Oslo. This carpet is 1000 years old, in great condition, and actually an ancient prophecy. It should be read from right to left.

"A bird related location shall enjoy great success, but will then be overpowered by an eccentric Lord, upon which its downfall shall come."

Not the kind of behaviour us tenors would usually engage in, but if Nystedt says so, and it would save the second Altos some bother...

I mean, it's pretty and all, but if everyone in Oslo is being asked to save water...


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