I love my "Unraid-and-run-off-a-VM-passed-through-to-a-GPU" setup in general, but the few times I do want to game, there are some interesting pains... Especially when my GPU is moderately old.

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@clq I was thinking about doing the same thing (with proxmox), but diceded against it. Was to scared off something breaking at a bad time.

Good to hear that it works well for the most part!

@fredrik I began the project almost with the expectation that something would... if not break, work badly enough that I'd revert to a "normal" setup. But three months in, I love it! I can easily switch between beefy Windows and Linux machines when I want, host some on-demand purpose specific VMs, any docker I want, have a Windows VM on standby for my Mac-using girlfriend, etc. And, yes, there is (some times a lot of) hassle involved, but there is nothing that has eventually not worked.

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