Watching a political debate for the first time in ages. I've missed it!

...but NRKs sound and sound-mixing on this is atrocious.

When will we get proper surround sound for political debates?

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(I have a very high bar for going "this debate was bad", but given the obvious and apparent issues that everyone should have clear positions on, it's as if the debate is actively forcing the party leaders to wrap their actual solutions into incomprehensible gobbledygook.)

I think my main problem is that they're being forced to discuss real, immediate, urgent problems in ways which seem so detached and politicy that anyone watching will feel like none of this is of any relevance.

And this is not a great time for politics to seem especially irrelevant. I, perhaps naively, really believe that all of these people are working hard, and want to solve these problems. But we need them to actually appear like they're doing it as well.

@clq #nrkdebatt seems all over the place today. 😂 Pretty bored of the power⚡️ discussion now though.

@matt I quite like the topic, but the circular nature of this discussion is horrible!

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