For the 92nd time or so I declare myself back on Mastodon: I've wanted to use it, but my cheapskate server has tended to fill up with media after 3-4 days of use, and putting media over on S3 has been on my todo-list for ages. Which I've now done, so I should now be able to use this without ssling into the server and cleaning up the media every few days!

For what it's worth, I've pretty much stopped using Twitter - so I'm halfway there!


All I've used Twitter for has been breaking news - which I could easily do from here if Lists worked the way I would like them to. I don't mind having to follow accounts to put them in lists, but in that case I should be able to hide accounts from my main feed without also hiding them from lists, which I can't currently do. Once that's done I'll just create bridges for all the journalists/news I follow on the other site, and use them with lists.

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