I mean, it's pretty and all, but if everyone in Oslo is being asked to save water...

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Unless - perhaps the water from the fountain itself is being reused? That must be it.

@clq I am sure it is but it will need topping up due to evaporation, which is increased by shooting water into the air. I agree this is very wrong given the current situation.

@ruari Yeah - true. And, in any case, the appearance of it doesn't exactly inspire a dugnadsånd.

@clq What a selfish fountain!

(and yes, they should maybe have turned that off for some days now 😅 )

@matias @clq But the water goes in a loop 🔁 its not like it's permanently pumping out fresh drinking water 😅

@matt @matias @clq No but it will need topping up due to evaporation, which is greatly increased by the spraying of water into the air.

@matt @matias I got wise to that a few seconds later in my reply to myself! Though, it still wastes a bit of water - and in a situation where you're essentially relying on individual responsibilities, optics probably do matter.

@matt @clq So does my code, but still pump out memory leaks 🤔

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