One thing I'll really miss from The Other Place (nono, not the Lords... nor the Commons... that other one) are lists public and private.

Here you have to follow any account you want to put on a list, which is an annoyance, but makes technical sense. The only option I can think of, and what I'm leaning toward, is to follow incredibly liberally, which would "ruin" the home timeline, and confine me to effectively use a separate list as home. That would be strange, but very possible.

...this would be solved quite easily of Home and lists were different filter-contexts, but at the moment they're grouped together. I'd love to be able to filter only on home, not in lists.

Public lists would be harder to hack together. I imagine a potential solution could be an opml-like "package" of users that you could import... maybe even subscribe to... as a list.


Current plan: setting up a personal BirdsiteLive instance, follow a Fediverseic Toot Tonne of accounts I currently follow through lists in the other place, and start going crazy with lists here. And see what happens.

If all goes well, I'll have no reason to open that other place any more. I'm a very lurky user...

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