New phrase suggestion:

GOMO: Glee Over Missing Out.

What I feel when I see that this and that has happened on Clubhouse, and am delighting in both not caring, and not having spent my time keeping up with it.

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Clubhouse: the current Giffen good of the Internet. Content that has its perceived value elevated through an illusion of exclusivity.

@clq It's funny, I have old colleagues that are running Clubhouse conversations with 2 people and posting about it on LinkedIn.

I'm happy to miss that one too. (Except maybe see if we can steal some of the better ideas and make them decentralized!)

@martin The flexibility offered by the way in which I consume podcasts had made live-audio rather uninteresting to me (not counting breaking news). Clubhouse seems like a way to wall potentially great content into an absolutely horrible platform. Anyone who uses it for "real" content are very deliberately excluding me, and that's their loss, not mine.

@martin That said, I'm very interested in Live platforms where the content could be automatically recorded and published as podcasts!

@clq I agree. Well, both on the live audio (which I don't have the time or timezone to find interesting) but also walled gardens are horrible.

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