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Since everyone else is doing it, an toot from me too(t):

Hi! I'm clq! I live in Oslo, and work as a Software Engineer. I'm in my (just about) early 30s. I have a variety of interests, few of which I ever post about online due to a “who could possible care?”-feeling, but hey, maybe that can change.

I'll be posting mainly in English. Even though I've lived in Oslo for almost 8 years now, I've worked, and had most of my social life, in English since moving back to Norway.

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Here we go.

After struggling to decide which instance to use for a while, I decided to go for what I see as being most in the spirit of the Fediverse, and host my own personal instance. Somehow it feels like the most right, and future-proof, way to follow people from across many different instances.

It also conforms with the "everyone hosting their own data whenever possible" idea I am rather fond of.

(Complicated by that, while I want to keep work and personal todo-lists separate, I'd like to use the same method for both. And for the work-usecase to be compliant I'm pretty much bound by any and all data-storage being limited to a synced folder.)

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I'm in my annual "time to finally find the todo-system to rule all the todo-system" moods.

This time I'll manage. This time.

UK journalists went from tweeting quite a bit, to not Tweeting at all for the past hour or so...

A few weeks ago I started sim-racing again.

On a completely unrelated note, I just caught myself unconsciously trying to follow the ideal racing-line when walking through the corridors at work.

It's at times like these I have to remind myself that the pictures you see on social media don't tell the whole story.

Behind the curtains, or the sides of the case, most other people also have a desktop computer where the cables are like spaghetti, and where the sides are forced closed with a prayer that they won't pop back off due to the insides wanting to get back out.

I love my "Unraid-and-run-off-a-VM-passed-through-to-a-GPU" setup in general, but the few times I do want to game, there are some interesting pains... Especially when my GPU is moderately old.

Some people like living in a community, places where everyone knows everyone. Where they walk out, know the goings on of their neighbours, where everyone knows everyone.

I very much appreciate the exact opposite: living in a place that's busy enough that I don't know my neighbours (beyond saying hi when passing them), and being able to go out and disappear in the river that is the street outside.

I wonder how often people in either of these categories forget that the other exists.

I think my main problem is that they're being forced to discuss real, immediate, urgent problems in ways which seem so detached and politicy that anyone watching will feel like none of this is of any relevance.

And this is not a great time for politics to seem especially irrelevant. I, perhaps naively, really believe that all of these people are working hard, and want to solve these problems. But we need them to actually appear like they're doing it as well.

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(I have a very high bar for going "this debate was bad", but given the obvious and apparent issues that everyone should have clear positions on, it's as if the debate is actively forcing the party leaders to wrap their actual solutions into incomprehensible gobbledygook.)

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Watching a political debate for the first time in ages. I've missed it!

...but NRKs sound and sound-mixing on this is atrocious.

When will we get proper surround sound for political debates?

(Apologies, forgot the image description on this one: basically, screenshot from the biggest newspaper in Norway complaining about the relatively non-exceptional weather in Oslo)

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Not that I'm complaining. When I woke up to fire-trucks outside of my flat, it was rather informative. For me. And presumably 20-30 other people. Thank you, VG, for your service in making the local national. Or something.

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There's RAIN in Oslo! Clear the front page!!!

(The way in which the "national" media treat Oslo is a bit of an ongoing joke. The metro in Oslo has a disruption? Top of the national news! The water-pipe outside of my apartment burst? Top of the national news!)

Freshers week in Oslo. Making me feel nostalgic. I can remember practically nothing about my own freshers week in Scotland, but volunteering the following four years was so much fun.

Noisy night. Though, makes sense, given that the universities start up on Monday.

Presumably they're celebrating having found somewhere in Oslo to live in time for university starting. Which I guess is called for.

Every time I have some days at home when my girlfriend is on holiday I have all these plans and ambitions: mess around with the insides of my computer, watch all those films I want to watch and she doesn't, sit down properly and spend all day playing a game... and I always end up walking in circles, listening to podcasts, casually playing solitaire, and generally doing nothing at all.

…there's something about having (perceived) limited time that makes me use that time in a much better way.

@CSB It was in this general area (along the blue line), in case you're curious. Really a lovely drive - made my 3.5 hour drive to the airport rather pleasant.

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@CSB Random note, I took a mini-bus/van through Poland on Sunday, and due to some traffic the river took a detour through many small cosy villages - several of which had art displayed in glass-display-box-things along the road. I saw one in particular that reminded me quite a bit of your style (well, it was black/white pencil caricature anyway). I tried to grab a photo, but the van was driving at quite a breakneck speed...

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